Student Supports

Advising & Counseling

Counseling Mission Statement

Albany Leadership High School aims to meet diverse student needs by providing a developmental comprehensive school counseling program that aligns with the ASCA National Model. Counselors at ALH focus on instilling core values such as college readiness, leadership. empowerment, accountability, and resiliency. Counselors will collaborate with students, staff, families, and community members to prepare students to meet their post-secondary goals and become contributing members of society.

Students are assigned to each counselor based on their last name. In addition, counselors will allocate time to:

  • deliver guidance lessons,
  • provide individual student planning,
  • provide responsive services, and managing system support.
  • Meet with all students to plan an appropriate and challenging curriculum
  • Guide students through the college and career exploration process
  • Provide academic and social support
  • Collaborate with parents/guardians and teachers to ensure student success
  • Plan college fairs, college visits, and speakers to expose students to various institutions

Contact Information

Director of Student Support Services:
Mrs. Jennie Evans
Phone: 518-694-5300 ext. 222

School Counseling Department

Mrs. Dana Kamer (L-Z)
Phone: 518-694-5300 ext. 114

Ms. Michelle Lewis (A-K)
Phone: 518-694-5300 ext.115

School Counselors at Albany Leadership believe:

  • School counselors can meet student developmental needs by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program.
  • School counselors must be leaders, advocators and collaborators.
  • Student achievement is maximized when a comprehensive school counseling program is planned, managed, delivered and evaluated by a licensed professional school counselor.
  • Data must be collected, analyzed and integrated into counseling goals that encourage student achievement.
  • School counselors should apply the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors to make competent decisions that promotes the maximum development of every student.
  • “One leader changes everything”
  • Single gender helps foster a positive learning environment
  • Students can achieve and meet high standards that result in college and career success
  • Personal responsibility for learning is cultivated and developed
  • Student’s thrive in a school community where respect, acceptance for differences, and civility are modeled by all
  • Families are encouraged to take an active, supportive role in a student’s education
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