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School Mission

The mission of Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls is to prepare young women to graduate from high school with the academic and leadership skills necessary to succeed in college and the career of their choosing.

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls welcomes all students, including students with special needs; English language learners and students with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
  • Core Values:
  • College Ready
  • Leadership
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Never Quit
ALH Principal

Welcome Message From Our Principal

As we enthusiastically open our doors for yet another school year, I can’t help but look into our girls’ eyes and see myself four years ago – nervous about the future, excited by the new opportunities, and eager to see what set ALH apart from other schools. While much has changed since our humble beginnings, there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. This is because one promise has remained intact: our relentless commitment to preparing girls for college and the career of their choosing.

We challenge our girls. We love them hard. We lead them into leadership. That’s what sets ALH apart. It’s as simple as that.

We are proud of our girls and our families. They have entrusted us to be a part of a village of partners whose most important feat is to protect and sustain a quality of academic life for girls that sets them up for success – not failure.

We take this trust seriously. We will work hard this year and every year to push our girls beyond their comfort zones in order to excel and quiet those who doubt the prowess of the educated female. We can only feel good about this year and invite you to learn more about our “Hope on a Hill on Hackett”. We’re only getting better. We’re only as good as our supporters. We’re only about our girls.

We are ALH.

With love and great pride,
Nadeen Herring
Interim Principal


2nd Annual Hair, Fashion and Talent Show


fashion flair flier2On Saturday, April 5, 2014, ALH will be hosting its 2nd Annual Hair, Fashion and Talent Show beginning at 5:30 pm in the school’s Gymnasium.  Tickets are available at the school. Prices are $5.00 in advance and $7.00 at the door.

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2014-2015 Admissions Lottery


Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls will hold its public lottery on Friday, April 4th at 2:15 PM in the Student Union at 19 Hackett Blvd.

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls is a public school for girls attending grades 9-12. Admission to Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls shall not be limited on the basis of intellectual ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, athletic ability, disability, race, creed, national origin, religion, or any other ground that would be unlawful.

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls opens enrollment to all girls who would be eligible for enrollment in public schools in New York State, subject to availability and the admission process.

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls will admit each eligible student who submits an application on or before April 1st, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the student’s requested grade level or of the school building.

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ALH Open House 2014


Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls will be holding its annual Open House this Thursday, March 20, 2014 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.  Light refreshments will be served as well as a free raffle for prizes will be held.  All interested families are welcomed to attend.

new open house flier

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School Closing


Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls will be closing early on Thursday, February 13, 2014 as a result of inclement weather. School will be closing at 10:00 am with afternoon Parent/Teacher conferences postponed.  Please be sure to check the national weather service or www.cbs6Albany.com for weather and school closing updates.

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ALH 2nd Annual Art Show


On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls will be holding its 2nd Annual Art Show. Items will be on display from the school’s Art Department (Studio Art 1 & 2, AP Art, Photography and Jewelry Making).  At the end of the Art Show/Exhibit a silent art auction will be held.  All proceeds benefit the Class of 2014 Yearbook Fund.

art show flyer

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ALH Students Participate in Siena College’s EDGE Program



Siena College Professor of Management and Sociology Andrea Smith-Hunter, Ph.D. dreamed of running a program to educate girls about starting their own businesses while they are young, as opposed to waiting until after they graduated from college to teach them about it.                        

While doing research on entrepreneurial women across racial lines, Smith-Hunter found that these women faced many difficulties. Smith-Hunter said they were less likely to be mentored, less likely to have acquired skills and less likely to have financial knowledge. “Because of that, compared to white counter parts, their businesses were likely to go under,” Smith-Hunter said.

Smith-Hunter began applying for grants to start the program she envisioned but did not receive the support she hoped for, until recently.

The Albany Times Union Fund gave Smith-Hunter a small grant and using that money, she started the Educating Dynamic Girl Entrepreneurs Program. The EDGE Program works with girls from the Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls, a school where students come primarily from low-income families.

The EDGE Program’s goal “is to teach the young ladies at a very early age about what is actually involved in owning your own business,” said Smith-Hunter, who added that young people don’t necessarily realize how much goes into owning a business. Smith-Hunter’s program is helping her students prepare for all that is involved. It also introduces them to successful women entrepreneurs. She hopes that the girls will continue visualizing and thinking about their business plans as they graduate from high school and go to college.

Smith-Hunter also wants the girls to realize that they can have careers and own businesses at the same time. “Owning a business and having a career is not mutually exclusive,” she said. This idea is particularly useful to EDGE Program student Gulsuma Sarpas who hopes to one day start her own architectural firm. She said that the EDGE program has been beneficial to this process. “I’ve learned a lot and it has been really helpful. It has given me a head start into my business plan,” Sapras said.

EDGE Program student Azjunique Gibson hopes to start a business called Azja Jay’s Handmade Accessories Shoppe. She joined the EDGE Program because she wanted to explore the different opportunities open to her. “I learned that you don’t have to have a lot of money to open a business and you have to put 100 percent effort in,” said Gibson.

Amanda Urena ’15, a political science major and business minor who helps out with Smith-Hunter’s EDGE Program, said that the experience has taught her how to interact with and teach a group of girls. It’s also given her a better understanding of business and entrepreneurship. “It is benefitting both them and me and giving me skills I wouldn’t have had outside of this program,” said Urena.

Smith-Hunter’s program seems to be benefiting everyone involved. “It has been a dream realized,” she said. In pursuing her own dreams, Smith-Hunter is opening doors for her students and giving them the EDGE they’ll need to pursue dreams of their own.

By Mary Barrett ’14

siena 2

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ALH Hires a New Leader


Dear Albany Leadership Parents/Guardians:

We, the Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls Board of Trustees, are pleased to announce that we have concluded our principal search and have selected Mrs. Christina Farinacci-Roberts as the new leader for Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls. Mrs. Roberts, former Assistant Principal at Troy High School, in Troy, New York, brings with her more than a decade of experience leading and teaching in schools across New York.  Mrs. Roberts will be joining the Albany Leadership family in early December.

We are equally excited to announce that Mrs. Nadeen Herring has accepted the position as Assistant Principal. Ms. Herring has done a phenomenal job as interim school leader and we can’t thank her enough for the ongoing support, loyalty and leadership she’s provided to the Albany Leadership community during this transitional period.

As Principal at Albany Leadership, Mrs. Roberts will oversee, support and collaborate with teachers, students and families to create systems focused on academic quality and a positive, college-ready school culture. Mrs. Roberts will work in partnership with Assistant Principal Ms. Herring to identify, develop, and lead quality instructional programs, including: teacher coaching and data-driven analysis and evaluation.

Prior to her role as an assistant principal at Troy High, Mrs. Roberts served four years as principal and sole-school administrator at East Brooklyn Access High School in Brooklyn, New York — a public alternative high school in Canarsie that serves many high-needs communities. During her tenure, Mrs. Roberts more than doubled the school’s enrollment, reduced dropout rates, and improved attendance and passing rates (from 38% to 80%).

With her impressive track record, Mrs. Roberts brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to Albany Leadership. Her career has provided her with extensive experience working as an urban educator in communities serving disadvantaged youth. Further, with years of teaching experience as both an English and social studies teacher, Mrs. Roberts understands the value of engaging in data-driven instruction and creating quality professional development for the sole purpose of improving student outcome.

Mrs. Roberts is a Capital District native who returned to Albany in January of 2012 from an almost nine year residence in Brooklyn, New York.  She currently serves as a volunteer educational consultant for CouldYou?, a nonprofit organization committed to eradicating poverty in Mozambique, in Southeast Africa, through improving quality of education and access to clean water and nutritional food.

Mrs. Roberts received her M.S. in English Education from Pace University located in New York, New York and her B.A. in Secondary Education and English from the New York State University at Albany in Albany, New York.

Please join us in welcoming her to Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls.



Board of Trustees

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls


Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls Board of Trustees

Jim Vallee, Chair

Alex Ma

Beth Robertson

Maggie Moree

Peter Hughes

Rebekah Brisbane

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Making Strides against Breast Cancer


cancer walk








On Sunday October 20th over 60 ALH staff and students participated in the annual Breast Cancer walk in Albany’s Washington Park. This was the second year that ALH had come together as a family in order to help bring awareness to this disease. Many students and teachers designed their very own unique t-shirts for the walk.

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ALH Seniors and Parents Get a Good Start


On Tuesday, October 15th at 5pm, ALH seniors and their parents came out to hear a representative Albany College of Pharmacy at 5pm give a presentation on financial aid and the FAFSA.  This is one of many measures ALH is taking in keeping families informed and comfortable with the college process.

DSC_4216 DSC_4218

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Juniors and Seniors Bewitched


In an effort to bring more credence and life to The Crucible, the Arthur Miller play (fictionally depicts the witch trials in Massachusetts in the late 1600’s) our junior class is studying, approximately 30 junior scholars and seniors traveled to Salem, Massachusetts to visit the Salem Witch Museum and other local attractions on Friday, October 11th.

Juniors and Seniors Bewitched

Juniors and Seniors Bewitched

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